Red and OrangeEdit

Red and orange mages are the most common, but least powerful of the mages. Orange is a step more powerful than red however. Indeed, the numbers from the [number – one before RMM] search had these two colours making up 73% of the mage population (see appendix [number]). This was the height of their population. To offset their limited power, red and orange mages are able to pool their magic together and allow a single person to direct this exponentially increased concentration of power. Unlike the specializations of the other colours, this ability only belongs to the red and orange mages, though they are able to include other colours in their link, though the power must be controlled by a red or orange mage.

Yellow and GreenEdit

Yellow and then green are the next most powerful mages but suffer a sometimes drastic reduction in population from the red and orange mages (see appendix [number]). Yellow and green mages specialize in elemental magic. From [year - year] green mages were the highest ranking spectrum mages as the higher mages had entirely disappeared from existence until Makalava (violet), Talma (indigo), Kyreem (blue) and Sallam (blue) were searched.


Blue mages specialize in healing powers and mental magic – specifically telepathy. They are significantly more powerful than green mages, but are not much weaker than the average indigo mage. For many periods in history, blue mages have been treated with distrust because of the similarities they share with the black mages. Indeed the only period that does not place blue and black mages together is the [second to third war] as both black and spectrum mages had forgotten each other. This suspicion seems unfounded, as there are no recorded instances of blue mages showing a particular loyalty or affinity to black mages, in fact blue mages often sided against them in wars. Blue mages at the higher end of the power range sometimes exhibit partial telepathic ability even before bonding. Familiarity with a person and the strength of the thought make such an occurrence more likely.

Indigo and VioletEdit

Indigo and violet mages are the most powerful of the conventional spectrum mages, but are rare. These mages are most likely to exhibit trace magical abilities before bonding a dragon or receiving any training, as they are the most powerful. Usually simply manifested in heightened senses, violet mages in particular often exhibit empathic ability on a small scale. Once an indigo or violet mage bonds the ability to control and sense emotions becomes much more powerful and reliable.


Black mages cover the full range of power and can be either more powerful than a violet mage or weaker than a red mage, though the bulk of their strength rest around the blue level. Black mages specialize in healing and mental magics such as telepathy. For most of history, black mages have been considered evil by most of the population when aware of their existence. This is unsubstantiated by history as in both the second and third wars; there were mages that fought on both sides of the war.


White mages are technically outside of the regular order of mages. They are incredibly rare as there have only been three known white mages , each appearing before the start of the great mage wars. White mages are as powerful as they are rare. Their power comes from merging all the other colours together just like when white light is channelled through a prism, all the colours of the spectrum appear. From records, it is known that white magic does not work exactly the same as other black or spectrum mages, though the exact differences are unknown. Each white mage is recorded as going to Atorv to receive training on how to use their powers.


Were it not for the extensive records most scholars would be tempted to lable this a hoax or myth. Rastin is the only known Rainbow mage.