Atorvian MagesEdit

Dragon MagesEdit

The Dragon Mages are known as such for the simple reason that at some point in their training, such a mage is bonded to a dragon companion . These mages are sorted into classes based on the colour of their dragon. These mages have an innate magic that is mostly inaccessible to them, though unbounded mages have heightened senses, enhanced reflexes and sometimes in the case of indigo or violet mages, mild telepathic ability. This usually includes the ability to sense strong emotions in familiar persons or sub-vocalized thoughts. However, in many communities, display of these talents results in confinement if they are young enough to still be searched by the dragon mages because of the fear of Atorvian mages.


Prophesy is a branch of magic that involves the knowledge of future events. Prophesy as it is portrayed in popular media is only a small aspect of this incredibly complex and mysterious power. Three types of prophets are known to scholars: Type 1 , Type 2 and Type 3 . Very little is known about how this power actually works, particularly about Type 2 and 3 prophets as they are the most rare. But even Type 1 prophets who have been studied most thoroughly yield little information as to this branch of magic. The two main reasons for the scarcity of knowledge in this field stem from the rarity of Type 1 prophets and a distinct lack of cooperation on the part of the prophet. Despite the incredible lack of information about why or how this power of prophesy works, there is more known about the ways prophesy manifests itself and those effected with it.