When the average person thinks of prophesy and prophets, they almost always think of Type 1 prophesy as it is the most common and recognizable. Type 1 prophets are always mages. They are usually of the spectrum path, but it is not unknown for black mages to exhibit this type of power. Type 1 prophesies are manifested either through reception of words or a visual image of future people, places and events. This second form of manifestation will nearly always be converted into words by the prophet or a peer. One can tell the difference between the two manifestations by analyzing the way the prophesy was transcribed. The former manifestation often uses cryptic phrases and ambiguous references, sounding almost poetic to a reader. The latter contains much physical detail and is written in blunt languages. Most scholars find the second manifestation the most useful when trying to understand what is being prophesized; many prophesies that were given verbally are only attributed to an event afterwards.

Type 1 prophesy is considered the least dangerous of prophets as they cannot influence the future. A prophesy given by a Type 1 prophet will always come true, though not always as expected, as human reaction to the existence of the prophesy can shift the course of history in small ways. The current theory as to why how this form of prophesy works is that the prophet stands slightly outside of time allowing the prophet to view into the future or theoretically into the past. While there is no way of proving this or even understanding how this theory would account for the fact that prophets are only drawn to events with significant global impact. The analogy would be that every time you visited another country you saw the ruler of that country assassinated.

Notable ProphetsEdit