Type 2 prophesy seems to be much rarer than Type 1 , though it is nearly impossible to accurately estimate the number of Type 2 prophets because there are no hallmarks of what they are. In fact, there are only ten confirmed Type 2 prophets in known history, though many of the most prominent historical figures were likely prophets. We only know of these prophets when tell others of their power so this means that most of the known instances of Type 2 prophesy are of Mages since they would be more likely to discuss this power than non-mages who were also Type 2 prophets. Type 2 prophesy works by compelling the prophet perform a certain actions with severe penalties if they try to resist the magic. The long reaching effects of their actions are almost never clear, but as with the written prophecies in Type 1, it is possible by looking back at history to identify Type 2 prophets with some small degree of certainty. Though whether anything call be called certain with type of prophecy is debatable as Type 2 prophesy is by nature unpredictable.

Scholars are divided over the question of whether Type 2 prophesies should even be labelled a form of prophesy since this type of prophet isn’t making any predictions about the future, merely acting in a way that strongly influences the way events will unfold. Opponents of this view, however, assert that since Type 2 prophets are able to act in a way that changes the future significantly, they must be able to know the future albeit unconsciously rather than consciously as with Type 1 prophets. The strongest evidence to include Type 2 prophets as actual prophets come from examining Type 3 prophets. With all the debate, there is still nothing even close to a consensus with regards to explaining how Type 2 prophesy works. Indeed most scholars admit utter befuddlement and strongly reject the notion that Type 2 prophets are controlled by a higher power and instead voicing theories shared by few others in the field.

Noteable ProphetsEdit

  • Rastin